About Us

NDICS provide the best service for customers satisfaction.

in expanding "Nippon , Digital , Infomation , Communication and Service".

Our Head office is located in Tokyo (Japan). 

We also have other affiliate office in Osaka (Japan) , Kowloon (Hong Kong) , Shenzhen(China).

NDICS MALAYSIA SDN.BHD is established in 2011.

We have involve in design and development of wide range of electro-mechanical components. Here

“Penta” represents 5, while “Conn” represents connector.

“Pentaconn” was created back in May 2015 “Balanced Connector for headphones”.

It is a connector set with 5 poles and jack that conformable to JEITA Standard RC8141C.

Pentaconn performs fully resolution, soundscape, and depth in sound.

Now, Pentaconn becomes a well-known name for exquisite design and ultimate quality

of specialized audio connection.

With our Passion in Monodukuri – Art of Design and Manufacturing, Pentaconn evolving to

the next level by expending product line-up of reliable high quality audio connection.

For example, Pentaconn Ear, Detachable Cable, Conversion Cable, Connection Cable and

Hi-Fi accessories.  

Famous audio manufacturers and Brands adopted Pentaconn into their various series of

high-end product has given recognition for our product performance and quality:


  • NW-WM1A/1Z Walkman / MDR-Z1R Headphones etc.


  • HDV820 Digital Headphones Amplifier / HD 660 S Headphones


  • UD-505 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier etc.


  • X7 Mark II (AM3B) Portable Hi-Res Music Player etc.


  • HS1655CU IEM etc. 
   Sony Walkman                            Sennheiser                                               TEAC
                FIIO                      accoustune